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(Golf) John Rush Trophy 2003… and an Innovation*

At Dibden Golf Centre on Thursday 12 June, the John Rush Trophy was competed for by 18 Old Tauntonian golfers, playing within an overall Stableford event which included ten Old Bournemouthians. We all enjoyed a magnificent day on a course in great condition. For the third year in succession the weather was quite beautiful.

*As reported in News & Views No. 55, May 2003, we had invited the Old Bournemouthians to join us. In previous years the respective associations had played in a separate competition, the nominal trophy being the Hemmings Cup. Those matches, although played in great spirit, never seemed to produce the "togetherness" we had hoped. Between us we agreed that a friendly game of golf was the aim, that as far as possible we would pair OTs and OBs together and that we would eat together afterwards. Another benefit from a combined event was the increase in the number of possible players, thus reducing worries concerning getting the minimum numbers required by the golf club.

Inevitably there are regular supporters who are unavailable on the day – this year Clive Amy, Dave Defty, Eric Godley, Norman Hardisty, Tony Herding and Ted Munday were among those not playing. Roger Merry returned again this year, and we welcomed Colin Ray for the first time. At the last moment Richard Knight was also able to play. And there were the "evergreens", of course, whose support is invaluable in holding this event. They were (are):
Ken Boundy, John Chipperfield, John Daniel, Gerry Egerton, Joe Fisher, Colin Howe, Roger Knight, Stephen Knight, Eric Morgan, Danny Nixon, Tony Robinson, Gus Smith, Chris Tomlin and Ralph Turner.

At dinner our number grew to thirty-five. We were joined by John Rush himself, Ted Colenutt, Ken Carmichael (with flag), John Zillwood, Clive Amy, Derek Tulk and Don Windless. Derek and Don were recovering from heart problems, while Clive had just been diagnosed with one. We know that the two "Ds" are now playing again and hope very much that all three will be playing in next year's event.

(We would have had an additional visitor in Stewart Wilson who, having accepted two months beforehand, discovered he had been double-booked. Ah, the price of being popular!)

The John Rush Trophy was won by Richard Knight (17) with 39 points. In the overall competition the placings were:

  1. D.A. "Polly" Perkins (Bournemouth) (17) – 40 points
  2. Richard Knight – 39 points
  3. John Knight (Bournemouth) (15) – 37 points
  4. Ralph Turner (18) – 36 points
  5. Eric Morgan (20) and Tony Robinson (21) – 35 points

John Rush presented the trophy and prizes, and said how very pleased he was to see such a large, friendly and enthusiastic gathering. He hoped it would continue on these lines.

May I again offer my thanks to John Rush, Ted Munday and John Knight (OBs) for their generosity in donating prizes and, as always, to all those who played or attended the dinner. When one starts to get it organised and booked, the concern is that there will be sufficient interest. I need not have worried, for the result was better than I could have hoped, both socially and numerically.

Till next year… Johnny Bathurst

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