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Old Bournemouthians' Association Dinner 2003

Despite dire warnings of police and security patrols on the streets and car parks being summarily closed (the Labour Party conference was almost upon us) on Friday 26 September, ten of us joined one hundred or so of them for their annual dinner at the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth.

The warmth of welcome we received and the company around us very handsomely compensated for a lack of service. Most of us attend this event (usually at a different venue) year by year and have become friends with many of the Bournemouth 'boys'. So there is much visiting of tables and exchange of banter throughout the evening. On the more formal side, Bournemouth's Old Tauntonian guest was Roy Stephens (1944–1950).

Roy spoke eloquently of the sharing of the East Way premises during the war and the resulting link with Bournemouth School. The evening was a reunion of friends, with whom it was a privilege to share their celebration.

Gordon Prosser, a popular OB, proposed the health of Bournemouth School. John Granger, Headmaster of the school and President of the OBA, gave the response. He seemed to realize the lateness of the hour and we were treated to an excellent witty and informative ten-minute speech, at the end of which he proposed the health of the two Associations.

The OTs attending were: Bob Brookes (1941–1946), Alan Dedmen (1942–1946), Alan Cairns (1941–1946), Peter Burrows (1942–1947), Eric Godley (1942–1948), George Pledger (1939–1945), Jeff White (1942–1951) (he was but nine years old when he started!), Keith Woodfine (1942–1948) and John Bathurst (1941–1945).

Our thanks are due to Alan Cairns for sending details of the dinner and keeping us on his mailing list. Anyone interested in next year's event should contact Alan, who will be delighted to hear from you.

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