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(Golf) Triangular Match 2003

We are grateful to Steve White for the account he has sent us of this year's match, held on Tuesday 17 June. In an accompanying letter Steve says, "The Old Symondians have now won three times in a row and have a useful team, helped by having some Hockley members. Perhaps we need a change of manager!" (Seems to us we need a change of venue! Ed.)

Sad to report the Old Tauntonians were again in second place this year. It was a close run thing, as it was two years ago, the margin again being one point.

David Harrison was not able to play as he was in America for the U.S. Open, but two fresh faces appeared - John White from Stoneham and David Jago from Hockley, both of whom performed well.

The OT team was: Clive Cole, David Defty, Nick Holt, David Jago, Jamie Pinchon, John White, Steve Williams and Paul Wright.

Result: Old Symondians 10, Old Tauntonians 9, Old Edwardians 5

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