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Evacuees' Lunch, 27 July 2005

This buffet lunch for Old Tauntonians who were evacuated to Bournemouth during the 1939–1945 period was organized and hosted by Maurice Ashley (1939–46) at his equestrian training centre at East Wellow, Hants.

Maurice had hoped to seat us on a green lawn in the sunshine but the weather decided otherwise. However, it was a convivial gathering and everyone who came did his or her (partners were invited) utmost to make it an excellent day. A total of 60 were there – a marvellous turnout – 25 ladies and 35 Old Tauntonian men.

Some attendees had travelled long distances to be present, in particular Alan Hardisty (1939–45) who popped over from Canada for the occasion. Others included Colin Burgess (1941–51) Rickmansworth, Peter Hunt (1939–44) New Malden, Brian Joyce (1942–48) Pwllheli, Ken Lane (1938–45) Poole, Bob Nother (1939–46) Beaconsfield, Chris Tomlin (1940–46) Welwyn Garden City, Owen Ward (1940–48) Bath, Colin Wilde (1941–47) Bristol and Graham Brooks (1940–46) Farnham.

Others present from more local places were John Bathurst (1941–45), Geoff Betteridge (1942–48), Roy Blake (1941–46), David Bryett (1943–52), Howard Crook (1939–46), Alan Dedmen (1942–46), Ted Everist (1934–42), Ray Gregory (1939–46), Bob Griggs (1938–43), Alan Harding (1941–47), Norman Hardisty (1943–49), Barry Haywood (1944–50), Ray Luker (1940–48), John Martin (1944–50), Malcolm Payne (1939–46), Dave Pinchon (1939–44), Jamie Pinchon (far too young to be an evacuee!), Harry Ree (1944–49), Roy Stephens (1944–50), Maurice Stone (1938–43), Jeff White (1942–51), Don Windless (1944–49), John Zillwood (1940–46) and, of course, Maurice Ashley.

Maurice had laid on wine and hot barbecued food, and many thanks are once again due to him for his initiative and hospitality.

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