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Calling 'Young Tauntonians'

Were you at Taunton's College in the 1990s? If so, we would like to hear from you.

A year or so ago we were deluged with emails and letters in a debate about the future of the Association. Many excellent ideas and suggestions were put forward, and some of these have already been implemented.

We have been less successful in our attempts to attract younger members, which we believe is due to the age gap with many of our present membership.

To remedy this situation, we are promoting the creation of a 'Young Tauntonians' section. Would you like to help form a group of people willing to kick start such a section by organising events or whatever aimed at your generation? There are no preconceived ideas, and so the ideas are up to you. Funds will be available to help you get the ball rolling.

We need young blood and young thinking, so how about it?

If you are interested, please email David Bryett at

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