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Old Tauntonian & Old Bournemouthian Golf Day 2008

The Old Tauntonian & Old Bournemouthian Golf Day was held at Dibden Golf Centre on Thursday 29 May. We have played this event under differing titles for 13 years, never having had any significant rainfall and generally playing in sunshine. It had to change and this year it did, with a vengeance.

When 29 players started off at around 12.30pm, the weather was normal. However, when the last group was on the 13th tee and the leaders very nearly home, the heavens opened. Within minutes the greens were waterlogged and great puddles had appeared on the fairways. As everyone had completed nine holes it was decided to judge the event on the first nine.

The interest in this event has grown over the years, but inevitably the appointed day is not always convenient for everyone and this year we 'lost' 15 of our real regulars. However, there were some 'welcome backs' and two new faces. We were delighted to see John Lyon, Tony Robinson, John Daniel and Ray Colmer; and for the first time, Peter Basil and Rob Sissons.

Amongst those joining the players for the evening were Ted Colenutt, who presented the prizes, and Duncan Pomeroy. Duncan has presented us with The Pomeroys Cup (named after himself and his father), a trophy to be played for by Old Tauntonians and Old Bournemouthians.

The three simultaneous competitions are now for The John Rush Trophy, The Old Bournemouthian Seniors Trophy and The Pomeroys Cup, an overall Stableford competition.


Old Tauntonians' John Rush Trophy:

  • Peter Basil (16) – 21 points

Old Bournemouthians' Seniors Trophy:

  • Ray Cutler (19) – 19 points

Pomeroys Cup (Overall Stableford):

  • Winner: Peter Basil (16) – 21 points
  • Runners up (on count back):
    • Tony Robinson (23) – 20 points
    • Richard Knight (12) – 20 points
    • Colin Ray (24) – 20 points
  • Ray Cutler (OB) (19) – 19 points
  • Brian Burdett (OB) (26) – 18 points
  • Ralph Turner (18) – 18 points

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