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Old Tauntonian & Old Bournemouthian Golf Day 2010

Old Tauntonian / Old Bournemouthian Golf Day - 27th May 2010 at Dibden Golf Centre. We had good weather, at last, and the latter part of the day was quite beautiful. The day attracted an initial field of 38 golfers - the highest we've ever had - and this despite eight regulars being unable to take part. On the day we were reduced to 34, but even that is one of the largest number on record. We welcomed back from incapacity to take part long term supporters Tony Herding, Eric Morgan, Ted Munday and Derek Tulk from the OTs, and Polly Perkins from the OBs. Of those out on the course 24 were Old Tauntonians. Those who follow this event - now in its 16th year - will know that the two associations no longer contest for a trophy. Instead, in the one round played, the Old Tauntonians play for the John Rush Trophy, the Old Bournemouthians for their Seniors Trophy and all individual golfers for the Pomeroys Cup. The latter, as reported in a previous issue of News & Views, was donated by Duncan Pomerpoy (1938-43) in memory of his father and of his own schooldays some of which were spent as an evacuee in Bournemouth. There are those who come to Dibden each year knowing that they are unlikely to be in contention; however, there are those who - on a good day - can turn in a very useful performance; and there are those - "the usual suspects" - who one would almost guarantee will be in the running for the top positions. And so it proved. At the finish there were 5 players with 38 points (2 from Bournemouth) and it looked as though an involved count back was going to be necessary. However, such a calculation was not needed. One of those who, on a good day can turn in a good performance, turned in an excellent one. Coming through on the outside was John Gannaway - with 39 points - the clear winner of the John Rush Trophy and the Pomeroys Cup. At the usual relaxed and conversation-filled evening meal we welcomed:

  • From Bournemouth University: Lucy Fogarty who "meted and greeted" and helped wherever she could.
  • From Taunton's: Ted Colenutt (President, OTA), Roger Knight (a Joint Founder of this event all those years ago) and Bob Newell, who is the newly elected Secretary of the Old Tauntonians' Association.

  • There are a number of people to whom thanks are owed concerning the event:

  • Roger Knight - for the John Rush winner's memento tankard.
  • Ted Colenutt, Ted Munday and OB John Knight - for their generous donations towards the day .
  • The Catering Manager, and her staff, for providing the meal and so willingly helping with special dietary requirements.
  • The assembled company who presented a bottle of champagne to the organiser.

  • Ted Colenutt presented the prizes:

    John Gannaway
    Ted Colenutt and John Gannaway - double trophy winner
  • John Rush Trophy to John Gannaway (23) with 39 points.
  • Runner Up: Peter Bassil (18) with 38 points.
  • Third: Colin Ray (26) with 38 points.

  • Winner of The Pomeroys Cup: John Gannaway.

    The Winner of the Bournemouth Seniors Trophy was John Knight with 38 points.

    The Old Tauntonian players were:
  • John Gannaway - 39 points (23).
  • Peter Bassil - 38 points (18).
  • Colin Ray - 38 points (26).
  • Stephen Knight - 38 points (15).
  • Ralph Turner - 37 points (18).

  • Other Scores: Danny Nixon 29 (13) : Eric Morgan 29 (22) : Ray Colmer 28 (20) : Tim Binks 27 (28) : Pete Muddiman 27 (10) : John Lewis 27 (21): Tony Robinson 27 (24): Paul Gannaway 26 (18 ): Stuart Wilson 15 (2).

    The day provides a great opportunity for the meeting of old school friends, for a not too serious game of golf, some nostalgic conversation and much laughter. It also rekindles the friendship that was forged between the two schools all those years ago. Without the presence, year after year, of golfing members of the two associations there would be no John Rush or Bournemouth Seniors Golf Day. Many travel long distances to be there and, once again, I offer my thanks to them and, indeed, all who continue to so willingly support the event.

    Johnny Bathurst

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