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Old Tauntonian & Old Bournemouthian Golf Day 2012 24th May 2012 at Dibden Golf Centre

The Pomeroys Cup presented to winner John Knight by Johnny Bathurst

After a period of absolutely dismal weather, with day after day of rain that showed no sign of relenting, there were fears of a cold, windy, rainy day on 24th May. Wonder of wonders, the week in which the day came got better and better and the day itself turned out to be magnificent. Wall to wall blue sky and sunshine, a shirtsleeve order day when sun hats were a necessity rather than a statement! The notices go out in March/April and the first responses matched the weather - dismal! The first sixteen replies were from regular players who, for various reasons, could not "appear". Illness, holidays in the sun, old age, grandchildren-sitting have to be accepted as the norm, but this was an unusually high proportion of those upon whom I've come to rely. However, as almost always happens, things got better. One or two new names came up and other players thoughtfully introduced "gap-fillers". Tony Robinson produced Rob Ellaway while Ted Munday brought along Tony Gonzales. Rod Ellaway and Ron Sizer are two OTs who played in this event for the first time, and very welcome they were. On the day we were to have had a field of 31 players (23 OTs and 8 OBs).Unfortunately Derek Tulk's son, Stuart, had to withdraw because of injury while Derek himself, who was to have joined us in the evening had been taken into hospital the previous day. (We understand both Stuart and Derek are now much recovered). The OB Seniors Trophy won by John Knight with 41 points. Ron Sizer won the "John Rush " with 39 points, the runners-up being Paul Skates and Norman Hardisty with 36 and 34 respectively. The Pomeroys Cup (highest Stableford score of the day) was thus won by Old Bournemouthian John Knight.

Gordon Prosser (the Bournemouthian organiser) presenting the Bournemouth Seniors Trophy to John Knight

Roger Knight, Bob Newell and Don Windless joined us for the evening meal, which was the usual relaxed and jovial affair. During the evening we had a "time-out" appeal for support for the "100 Club" with a light-hearted and humorous address by Pete Muddiman. Pete has regularly won both monthly and annual draw prizes and told his audience that the "100 Club was the best investment he'd ever made!" (As a consequence we picked up ten new subscriptions) The day is planned to be financially self-supporting, acts of individual generosity certainly add to the event. In that respect thanks are due to Roger Knight, who donates a memorial tankard for the winner of the John Rush Trophy and John Knight of the Old Bournemouthians whose donation towards the expenses of the day is so much appreciated.

Another contributor to the day is Bob Newell, who roams the fairways taking many photographs of the action, one or two of which are reproduced in these pages. The score cards have to be collected and checked and the winners decided and my grateful thanks go to Stephen Knight who, despite another engagement, stayed longer than he should probably have done to ensure the job was completed.

The management of both Southampton Municipal and Dibden (owned by New Forest District Council) has been taken over by a company called MyTime Active. Reactions from both Golfing and Catering staff have been extremely positive. The course was in splendid condition, while on the catering front we were given individual choices of menu this year instead of the "one meal for all diners" that has been the position for many years. Lamb Shank was THE popular choice, taken by 21 of the diners and thoroughly enjoyed!

The John Rush Trophy presented to winner Ron Sizer by Johhny Bathurst

The day is about playing 'serious' golf with a smile on the face. It is a day of renewed friendship both between individuals and two associations. And it works! From the start there is laughter and levity, comradeship and conversation. To all those who come to play and dine, year after year, I offer my gratitude and thanks for your incredible loyalty. Writing to me after the day Pete Muddiman said: "It is always a lovely day spent in the company of old friends. I'm not sure the R & A would approve of some of the interpretations of the rules or of some of the etiquette shown by my playing partners. Golf should not be the source of such merriment and I really must take them in hand! We were definitely the Heineken group. We visited parts of the course other golfers couldn't reach. Although we didn't attract the comment "Which hole are you playing?" I'm sure it may have crossed some peoples' minds - but they were too polite to comment. I look forward to next year's event as I probably will not make the reunion dinner (not out of embarrassment but due to work requirements)"

The Old Tauntonian golfers, in order of tee appearance, were: Stephen Knight, Richard Knight Norman Hardisty, Colin Howe, Peter Bassil Colin Ray, Paul Skates Pete Muddiman, Stuart Wilson, Tim Binks Gus Smith, Danny Nixon, Clive Amy, Ken Boundy Ralph Turner, Rod Ellaway, Tony Robinson, John Daniel Ron Sizer, Ted Munday, John Bathurst

Johnny Bathurst

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