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Annual General Meeting 2006

The Annual General Meeting of the Old Tauntonians' Association, Southampton was held on Thursday 23 November 2006 at 7pm at The Sporting View, Southampton Sports Centre.

Minutes of this meeting will be presented for approval at the next AGM and so cannot be reproduced here. Draft minutes will be published shortly before that time.

Given below for your information are the Meeting Agenda, list of Elected Officers and Honorary General Secretary's Annual Report (Period 2005–2006).

Prior to the start of the agenda those present at the meeting were asked to observe a silence in memory of Doug Huggins, a Vice President, long-term member of the Council, and most loyal and dedicated Old Tauntonian.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting (held on 24 November 2005)
  3. Matters arising from the Minutes
  4. Correspondence
  5. Reports 2005–2006
    1. Honorary Secretary
    2. Honorary Membership Secretary
    3. Honorary Website Manager
    4. Honorary Editor News & Views
    1. Honorary Treasurer's Report 2005–2006
    2. Special Resolution: "That the Financial Year of the Association be changed so as to start on 1st January each calendar year" (To facilitate this it is proposed that the existing Financial Year shall run from 1st October 2006 to 31st December 2007)
  7. Election of Vice President(s) and Honorary Members
    1. Election of Officers for 2006–2007 (each is an honorary post):
      President; Chairman of the Association; General Secretary; Membership Secretary; Website Manager; Treasurer; Editor, News & Views
    2. Election of three Ordinary Members for 2006–2007
  9. Election of Honorary Examiner of Accounts

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Elected Officers

The Officers for the year 2006–2007 are:

    President: Jonathan Prest
    Chairman: Roger Parsons
    General Secretary: John Bathurst
    Treasurer: David Bryett
    Membership Secretary:     Jeff White
    News & Views Editor: Mike Gould
    Website Manager: Jeff White

The three Ordinary Members of Council are:

    David Defty, Gordon Jefferies and Martin Rowe

Ex-Officio Members of Council:

    Principal (Mr Jonathan Prest)
    Immediate Past President (Mrs Jenny Fitton)
    Immediate Past Chairman of Council (Mr John Martin)
    Vice Presidents: Messrs Caffrey, Carmichael, Colenutt, Hodgkinson, Humby, Munro and Wainwright

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Honorary General Secretary's Annual Report (Period 2005–2006)

The report covers the period from November 2005 to October 2006. It includes activities involving Old Tauntonians whether or not promoted by the Executive Council.

The Worshipful The Mayor of Southampton
On 17 May 2006, John Slade (1951–58) was installed as the 784th Mayor of the City. His Sheriff is also an OT, Stephen Barnes-Andrews (1975–78).

The President of the Association
At the Annual General Meeting in November 2005, Jonathan Prest, Principal of Taunton's College, was elected President of the OTA. We wish him a happy and successful term of office.

Southampton Reunion Dinner, November 2005
The Chairman of the Dinner wasTim Tremlett. There were 120 Old Tauntonians and guests in attendance, including Councillor Edwina Cooke, Mayor of Southampton. John Bathurst welcomed the guests, paid tribute to Jenny Fitton and proposed the health of the College. Jonathan Prest, Principal of Taunton's College, made the response. He made a witty comparison between the Taunton's of 1938 and the present day College and presented a video film showing the current activities there. Among the guests were members of the Student Committee. More details

College Celebration Evening
In December 2005, the OTA sponsored awards of book tokens for the winners and runners-up in each of three College Faculties – Arts, Science and Social Science. In addition the Association sponsored three permanent honours shields, one for each Faculty. The shields, in mahogany, bear the Old Tauntonians' coat of arms and engraved plates showing the name of the Faculty, the presenters of the shields and, on miniature shields, the names of the winners.


  1. The Old Tauntonian/Old Bournemouthian Golf Day
    (Dibden, May 2006)
    The event encompasses the John Rush Trophy for Old Tauntonians, the Old Bournemouthians Seniors Trophy and an overall Stableford Competition. The overall winner was John Lewis (OT), with Harry Tollerfield and Norman Hardisty (also OTs) in second and third places. The same three players took similar places in the John Rush Trophy. More details
  2. The Triangular Golf Match
    The annual triangular golf match between Old Tauntonians, Old Symondians and Old Edwardians was played at Hockley on 13 June. The result was a win for the OTs with 9 points, with the OEs and OSs on 7 points each. More details

Playing in the Veterans 'A' League, the OT Football team finished in 4th position. Of the 18 matches played, the team won 5, drew 6 and lost 7. The team reached two cup finals playing the same opponents in each. In the Hampshire Veterans Cup, they lost to BTC Southampton 3–1. In the Veterans League Cup, the OTs beat BTC Southampton 4–0.

Inter Association
On 22 September, seven OTs attended the annual dinner of the Old Bournemouthians' Association. Jeff White (Vice Chairman, OTA) was the OBA's guest. More details

Major General Daniel Beak
On 27 September, the magazine This England honoured the memory of Daniel Beak in a ceremony at Cheltenham, where Beak had once been Acting Secretary of the local YMCA. Ted Heath represented the Association at the unveiling of a magnificent black and gold plaque adjacent to the Cheltenham War Memorial. More details

David Defty
Having joined the Executive Council following last year's AGM, David Defty has subsequently been appointed a Governor of Taunton's College. He has also assumed the chair of the Executive's College Liaison sub-committee. More details

The College Tanzanian Project
The Association had donated £400 toward a student project in Tanzania in which 20 students successfully undertook the building of a classroom and other facilities for impoverished children. More details

90th Birthday Celebration
On 22 August, representatives of The Dinner Committee and The Executive Council held a lunch for Ken Carmichael to celebrate his 90th birthday. Roger Parsons and John Martin, chairmen of the two committees, paid tributes to Ken's years of loyalty and service to the Association.

Executive Council
The Council met four times during the year. As is well known, almost all Tauntonian events are nowadays organised by independent groups of OTs (ex form mates, golfers, evacuee friends, etc). The Council is mainly concerned with administrative matters – secretarial, financial, membership, website and editorial– relating to the Association. During the year:

  1. Some Taunton's memorabilia was moved to a store generously provided by Pearson Estate Agents in London Road. It is intended that during the coming year the remainder of items at present stored at Taunton's College will also be moved there.
  2. The "100 Club" continued to attract new members and the membership objective of 100 was exceeded by fifteen. £20 prizes have been drawn on a monthly basis with the three main prizes drawn at the Reunion Dinner. More details

During the year we recorded the deaths of a number of Old Tauntonians. They included:
Bob Corlett (1929–36), Brian Greengrass (1945–50), Michael Endacott (1948–56), Norman Ford (1934–41), Douglas Huggins (1944–51), Mark Humphreys (1937–43), Dr Terry Kellard (1953–56), Rev Canon Kenneth Middleton (1939–47), Fred Miller, Don Nobbs (1933–40), Phil Norman (1941–47), Tom Russell (1931–38), Peter Swift (1964–71) and Frank Trew (1944–49).

Staff: Major Henry Frank Pears (1970–88) and that of the widow of George Carter, Nellie Carter, who had reached her 100th birthday three months beforehand.

Of those the name of Doug Huggins is probably the most prominent. He was certainly the best known OT of his day and a well known, loved and respected Sotonian who was involved in many local societies and activities.

New Members
18 new members joined the Association during the year. The range of their years at Taunton's varied between 1931–39 and 1979–82. It is very much hoped that a renewed initiative involving both College and Association will reactivate attempts to discover what might interest current and past College students in an alumni association.

I thank my fellow members of the Executive Council for their support and help during the year. The Association is fortunate to have retained their interest and services as it has, one certain reason for this being the presence and charisma of its Chairman, John Martin. In his quiet, polite and calm way, he has for eight years maintained harmony and balance, and ensured that all members have had opportunities to be heard and put their views. I am sure that members of the Executive Council will wish to thank him for the manner in which he has conducted Council meetings, and that all members will be grateful to him for being a wonderful ambassador for the Old Tauntonians' Association. It has been a pleasure to serve as general secretary during his term of office.

John Bathurst, October 2006

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