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Annual General Meeting 2008

The Annual General Meeting of the Old Tauntonians' Association, Southampton was held on Monday 25 February 2008 at 7pm at The Sporting View, Southampton Sports Centre. As the Association's financial year and hence the AGM date has changed, this AGM covers the period from the AGM 2006.

The Draft Minutes of this meeting will be presented for approval at the AGM 2009.

Given below for your information are the Meeting Agenda, list of Elected Officers and Honorary General Secretary's Annual Report (Period 2006–2007).

Prior to the start of the agenda those present at the meeting were asked to observe a silence in memory of Vice Presidents Ken Carmichael and Peter Wainwright who had died during the past year.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting (held on 23 November 2006)
  3. Matters arising from the Minutes
  4. Correspondence
  5. Reports 2006–2007:
    1. Honorary General Secretary
    2. Honorary Membership Secretary
    3. Honorary Website Manager
    4. Honorary Editor News & Views
    Additional Reports from appointees of the Council:
    1. Honorary Archivist
    2. Chairman – College Liaison Committee
  6. Honorary Treasurer's Report 2006–2007
  7. Election of Vice President(s) and Honorary Members
    (In accordance with the Constitution, nominations must have received the prior approval of the Executive Council)
    1. Election of Officers for 2008–2009 (each is an honorary post):
      President; Chairman of the Association; General Secretary; Membership Secretary; Website Manager; Treasurer; Editor, News & Views
    2. Election of three Ordinary Members for 2008–2009
  9. Election of Honorary Examiner of Accounts
  10. Any Other Business
    Members may raise questions or matters for discussion relating to the Association but are reminded that the meeting cannot vote on any question or subject discussed.

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Elected Officers

The Officers for the year 2008–2009 are:

    President: Jonathan Prest
    Chairman: Roger Parsons
    General Secretary: John Bathurst
    Treasurer: David Bryett
    Membership Secretary:     Jeff White
    News & Views Editor: Mike Gould
    Website Manager: Jeff White

The three Ordinary Members of Council are:

    David Defty, Gordon Jefferies and Martin Rowe

Ex-Officio Members of Council:

    Principal (Mr Jonathan Prest)
    Immediate Past President (Mrs Jenny Fitton)
    Immediate Past Chairman of Council (Mr John Martin)
    Vice Presidents: Messrs Caffrey, Colenutt, Hodgkinson, Humby and Munro

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Honorary General Secretary's Annual Report (Period 2006–2007)

The change in Financial Year means the period covered is from November 2006 to 31 December 2007. It therefore covers two Reunion Dinners and includes activities involving Old Tauntonians whether or not promoted by the Executive Council.

The Mayor of Southampton
In May 2007, Stephen Barnes-Andrews (1975–78) became the 785th Mayor of the City. His Sheriff, Brian Parnell, also an OT, is due to become Mayor in May 2008. Three Old Tauntonians in succession will then have been First Citizen of the City.

President and Chairman of the Association
At the 2006 AGM, Jonathan Prest was re-elected President of the OTA, while Roger Parsons was elected as its Chairman.

Southampton Reunion Dinners:
(held at the Southampton Park Hotel)

  1. The 96th Dinner, November 2006
    The Dinner Chairman was Ian Carnaby (1960–67). The Principal guest was the Mayor of Southampton, John Slade, an Old Tauntonian. Other guests included Jonathan Prest, Principal of Taunton's College, and members of his Senior Management Team. The total attendance was 135. John Martin welcomed the Guests and proposed the toast to The College, to which Jonathan Prest responded. Ron Allison was the Master of Ceremonies. More details
  2. The 97th Dinner, November 2007
    The Dinner Chairman was Dr Peter Jones OBE, B.A.(Econs.) (1958–65). 120 Old Tauntonians and guests were in attendance, including Councillor Stephen Barnes-Andrews and Amanda Barnes-Andrews, Mayor and Mayoress of Southampton. John Bathurst welcomed the guests and proposed the toast to The College. Matt Atkinson, Deputy Principal of the College, responded. Among the guests were the Chairman of Governors of the College and members of the College Management Team and Student Committee.

"Mayoral" Visits
While Mayor, John Slade arranged visits for a combined party from the Association and Taunton's College to The Mayor's Parlour and Southampton Docks. Both were excellent. Other suggested visits were to the Art Gallery, Maritime Museum and The Cemetery, but due to problems of co-ordinating availability they did not take place. We are grateful to John Slade for his interest in promoting both the City and College/OTA relations.

College Celebration Evenings
In both December 2006 and 2007, the OTA again sponsored awards of vouchers and shields for the winners of three College Faculties – Arts, Science and Social Science. The presentations were made in 2006 by David Defty (OT and College Governor) and in 2007 by Tim McGrigor (the explorer).


  1. The Old Tauntonian/Old Bournemouthian Golf Day
    (Dibden, May 2007)
    This encompasses the John Rush Trophy for Old Tauntonians, the Old Bournemouthians Seniors Trophy and an overall Stableford Competition. The overall winner was Richard Knight (OT), with John Knight (OB) and Clive Amy (OT) in second and third places. Richard Knight won the John Rush Trophy. More details
  2. The Triangular Golf Match
    The annual triangular golf match between Old Tauntonians, Old Symondians and Old Edwardians was won by the OTs with a considerable margin. More details

The OT Football team play in the Veterans 'A' League. In 2006/7 they were not league winners but defeated arch rivals Hamble to win the Hampshire Veterans Cup. So far in 2007/8 they are mid-table but have been knocked out of all three cup competitions …by Hamble!

Inter Association
In September, seven OTs attended the annual dinner of the Old Bournemouthians' Association. George Pledger was the OBA's guest.

The Executive Council
The Council met four times during the year. Tauntonian events are mainly organised by independent groups of OTs. The Council is mostly concerned with administrative matters – secretarial, financial, membership, website and editorial. During the year:

  • Daniel Beak
    Ted Heath represented the OTA at a ceremony in Cheltenham to commemorate Daniel Beak. More details
  • The '100' Club
    This continued to flourish, with its monthly prizes of £20 and the £400 drawn at the Dinner. More details
  • Summer Lunch
    After the success of the special lunches in 2005 and 2006, it was decided to make the lunch an annual event. In August, 42 members and their partners met at Keats Restaurant. During the lunch, as a mark of respect, the company specially remembered Peter Wainwright, ex-master at Taunton's and a devoted member of the Association. Guests at the lunch were Jacquie and Derek Burks, Peter's daughter and her husband. More details
  • Website War Memorial
    Following arduous and painstaking research by David Brown and Jeff White, the OTA Web site memorial ( was launched on 11 November 2007. It provides details of Old Tauntonians who lost their lives while serving in the forces in the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts. This is complementary to the memorials at the College and makes available the details on a worldwide basis.

Executive Council / Dinner Committee Liaison
All members of the Council not serving on the Dinner Committee were invited to join that committee. As a consequence there is a greater exchange of views and co-operation between the two.

A 21st Century Network
The College set up this Web site to enable those students leaving the College to keep in touch with both their contemporaries and the College. It is part of the initiative to encourage ex-students to form continuing links with the College and, hopefully, to continue the Association in some form.

During the period the deaths were announced of Members:
Ken Alcock (1936–43), Roy Amy (1932–38), H.C. Andrews (1928–32), "Bill" Blight (1933–40), "Harry" Campbell (1934–39), Ken Carmichael (1927–34), Alec Cundick (1946–49), Stan Edwardson (1937–41), L.J. Fox (1828–33), Ken Goddard (1937–42), S. Gray (1922–29), "Ken" Grinyer (1938–42), "Les" Hobbs (1930–35), L.F. Hope-Jones (1923–31), Bowen Jenkins (1933–38), Dr E.S. Lane (1932–39), "Reg" Leeman (1927–34), Ken Pharaoh (1933–38), John Purvis (1942–48), "Monty" Sawyer (1922–31), "Bill" Scally (1947–54) and "Eric" Welch (1931–36).

Staff: Brian Sager (1947–57) (and School 1932–39), Peter Wainwright (1947–83) and Philip Hemingway (1956–67).

New Members
24 new members joined the Association during the period. The "years of starting", whether at school or college, ranged from 1944 to 1980. Thus, of those members, the youngest started at the College 27 years ago!

I express my gratitude to the Chairman and members of the Executive Council for their help, counsel, humour and patience.

John Bathurst, January 2008

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